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About Fast Home Offer Guys

Previously, the one real options for selling your house in Metro Detroit was finding a real estate agent to list it with or selling it yourself. Both sound like a lot of work! Fast Home Offer Guys saw an opportunity to provide a different option. With us, you can get your “unsellable” house sold, and it won’t cost you a bunch to get it done, either. We are one of the premier trusted house buying companies, in the Metro Detroit area.

We offer answers and creative problem-solving for homeowners who have found themselves in a tight spot. Whether that is problem tenants, foreclosure, divorce, or a house that needs oodles or repairs, we have you covered. We want to offer you our expertise while you figure out what your best path forward is. It is possible you may be able to keep your house with creative financing, for example. Or, we can help you avoid foreclosure by buying your burdensome house.

A lot of companies that buy houses for cash have limited knowledge of the local market. Our company is based out of Metro Detroit and we are family owned and have a goal of helping out our customers like you. We want to help you figure out how to sort out your tricky house issue. If you thought before that your property was unsellable, you want to retire, or you are needing move, we would love to hear from you. If for any reason you need to sell your house fast, Fast Home Offer Guys can help you out.

Meet The Team

Leo and Lina

I am local and have lived here in Novi, Michigan, and Oakland County for the last 24 years. I’m married to my gorgeous wife Lina. Together we have 3 kids and our lovely puppy named Mellow. I love everything Michigan has to offer – lakes, fishing, beautiful golf courses, skiing, and snowmobiles. Of course, the lingering winter season and potholes do get a bit old though, right?

I graduated from the Michigan Institute of Real Estate and got my real estate license in 2011. It quickly became my passion. I love helping people and real estate allows me to be creative and provide solutions to sellers and buyers in any situation and market condition. As a result, I was able to sell 34 homes in my very first year. 

After talking to so many homeowners about how some real estate agents have tunnel vision and how some real estate investors are not trustworthy, I saw an opportunity to serve sellers in a better way. That is why after 3 successful years as an agent, I founded Fast Home Solutions LLC which became one of the fastest-growing house buying companies in all of Metro Detroit that is focused on helping sellers who need to sell their homes fast.

As a result, I decided to give back to the community. I began holding free real estate workshops to educate and hire local apprentices to become solid real estate investors. My aim is to spread and bring the same core values back to the marketplace that is so important to me: honesty, integrity, and problem-solving.

I started Fast Home Offer Guys in 2017 to become one of the best companies that buy houses for cash in Metro Detroit. Our team provides fast and easy options to homeowners who need to sell their homes fast with no hassle. My philosophy is based on THREE simple words: Sellers must BENEFIT!

Not All House Buying Companies In Metro Detroit Are Legit

When dealing with any house buying companies in the Metro Detroit area, you want to make sure you are dealing with a company that has a proven record. Fast Home Offer Guys is a local trusted real estate company that buy houses for cash fast. We are the “We Buy Houses Detroit” company and we close quickly or whenever you need us to close.

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To balance out motherhood and a full-time job can be challenging, especially when you have 3 amazing and busy kids like ours! 😅.
Working in real estate provides me with the flexibility of being involved in our kid’s daily activities and yet being able to do something that I love so passionately. I adore working with people, being involved in the community, and using my creative side in managing home improvement projects and providing design ideas for our fixer-upper houses. I love the creative side of real estate and feel passionate about helping people.


I went to college in North Carolina, where I received my BA in Criminal Justice. Then I went into real estate and ended up realizing quickly that I had a passion for it.
Over the years I have been in many roles including property manager, investor, and licensed realtor. I have always loved helping others, and I am able to use my love for real estate to truly help people that deserve it.


Previously from Florida, Riccardo moved to Detroit in 2015 to pursue an engineering career. He loves cars, coffee, and enjoying all things outdoors, but he developed a passion for real estate after listening to a podcast in 2019 from a host on HGTV.
Since then, he’s enjoyed applying his problem-solving skills to real estate problems and helping homeowners find the property solution that fits all their needs, the more complex the better!


Coming from a family with over 60 years of combined investment experience, in 2017, Kaleef decided to go full-time and joined the successful team of Fast Home Offer Guys.
He’s helped countless families and investors alike whether it’s buying an unwanted house or helping them to sell. Kaleef’s goal is to provide hassle-free solutions to all your real estate needs.

Hi, my name is Mellow and I am here just to look cute ya’ll!

How We Work With Homeowners

Have any questions about our process for helping you sell your house fast? Please feel free to contact us whenever. We are happy to explain our methods and how we do what we do.

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